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We Need Your Help…..Market tomorrow, Thursday August 9th, 4:00-7:00pm

Point Labaddie Farmers Market Thursday, August 9th, 4:00-7:00pm at the Point Labaddie Brewery 1029 Thiebes Rd in Labadie MO   Good Afternoon, Tomorrow is market day and I have sent out the roll call to the vendors. I will await

Watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn and a lot of tomatoes….

Point Labaddie Farmers Market at Point Labaddie Brewery 1029 Thiebes Rd, Labadie MO Thursday, August 2, 2018 4:00pm-7:00pm   I spent last Friday afternoon and evening, all day Saturday (morning to evening) and again Sunday morning, at a culinary camp.

Corn, Tomatoes, Cucs, Cantaloupe and more…

Join us at the market today for garden fresh, local and seasonal produce, Point Labaddie Grill burgers and brats, live music by Bobby Stevens and great community fun. Enjoy a free chair massage by Blu Room massage therapist (Washington MO).

Market Report for July 12th. And the history of commercial, conventional agriculture (if you’re interested)

Point Labaddie Farmers Market Thursday, July 12, 2018 4;00pm-7:00pm at Point Labaddie Brewery 1029 Thiebes Rd, Labadie MO     Vendor List First Today….then you can read my long’ish, (but interesting) story about the history of agriculture!! **The Tamale Man

Recipe Time! Make your own ketchup and mustard. What about all that corn and those tomatoes? Do you have a favorite recipe?

Stuffed Zucchini Boats, Stuffed Eggplant, Stuffed Tomatoes, Stuffed Peppers!  Everyone has their own recipe and ideas, Please share your pictures and recipes!! What’s your favorite way to make and serve corn on the cob or corn salad? Green beans, hot,