Don’t Miss the Market. Support local, small businesses and producers.

Point Labaddie Farmers Market
Thursday, September 13, 2018
at Point Labaddie Brewery, 1029 Thiebes Rd in Labaddie MO

We have a few more weeks of the market season left and they should be good ones. This is the best time of the year for produce and the weather has been spectacular. In spite of having a small market, we have a growing market with a good variety of what’s growing locally and seasonally. This week look for Rosy Buck, Wine Creek Farm, James Miller and maybe a few more….

Some of you may be aware that this last week the West St Louis County, City and surrounding communities showed great support of vendors and businesses that were at a potential loss after the cancellation of the LouFest event. The outpouring of customers standing in lines, buying food at restaurants, going to last minute music events and small business vendor set-ups was record breaking. If you were or were not aware or involved, I want to ask you to continue this kind of support, generosity of commerce and local dollars being invested in local small business and producers by shopping and supporting the farmers market vendors on a regular basis. We can continue the rally and continue the focus on who and where our dollars are spent in our local community by shopping local, small artisan and family businesses. You will find many of these folks at farmers markets each week. Keep up the community spirit! I know many many business owners and producers can’t thank you enough.

I am gathering the list of produce, meat, egg and other vendors this morning. I will keep you posted with the market report in the morning. Looks like Serena of Stuart Farm is making plans to come with her pastured heritage breed pork cuts, American Milking Devon ground beef and Stuart Farm pastured eggs. Colby of Farrar Out Farm is going to try to make it and there’s a good chance that Jeff of Alpacas of Troy with be there with his specialty sausages and pork cuts. 
It’s time to make plans to fill your freezer with meat cuts for the farmers market off season. With a few more weeks left, make a list of your favorite late fall and winter menus and stock up now.
Colby is also taking orders and deposits for holiday turkeys. We have enjoyed Farrar Out Farm turkeys for the last few seasons. You and your family will enjoy them.

Live Music Tomorrow by Wayne Imboden. Food by The Tamale Man.

Stay tuned for vendor updates and the produce report….
and thank you for your continued support

market manager