Produce Report for Today, Sept 13

Here is the running list….it’s growing and still not complete

Lots of red, ripe slicing, stuffing, heirloom and cherry tomatoes.

Padrone peppers.

A variety of hot peppers including jalapenos.

A variety of sweet peppers including multi-colored and habanadas.

Ground Cherries.

Eggplant,tomatillos, green tomatoes, okra, beans, summer squash, maybe melons, sweet potatoes, pears, fresh herbs, arugula, cucumbers, sprouts, Malabar spinach, cut flowers and more.

Heritage chicken, pork, ground beef, pastured eggs, lamb, sausages and brats, chops, bacon, roasts and MORE.

Pollinators, Native Plants.

Tamales. Empanadas.

See you soon.