TONS of tomatoes! Almost the end of fresh tomato season. Don’t Miss. Pastured meats, eggs, unique produce, empanadas, tamales and MORE

Point Labaddie Farmers Market
Thursday, September 13, 2018
at the Point Labaddie Brewery, 1029 Thiebes Rd, Labadie MO


I manage a couple of farmers markets and attend a few on my “off days”. This is the best of both seasons because we have summer and early fall produce all at once. We are getting the end of summer and there are indeed A LOT of tomatoes. Canning, roasting, freezing, salsas, ketchup, chile sauce, tomato jam, tomato tarts and pies, sandwiches, tomato salads and MORE! Come and get tomatoes!

As more customers support us week to week, the more vendor numbers will increase,  more will join us and keep returning. Show your love for the market and local small businesses. Make it a part of your weekly “can’t miss” event. Shop, eat, drink and enjoy the Point Labaddie Farmers Market. Just a few more weeks left in the season.

There will also be a variety of OTHER locally grown, seasonal, delicious and beautiful produce available. Come and see what the farmers have harvested from their gardens and fields just for you. I can assure you that it’s the freshest and most nutritious food available outside of your own garden plots. Fresh cut flowers, native plants and pollinators, herbs, fruit filled empanadas, giant cookies, traditional Mexican pastries and….waiting on the list of what else!

Rosy Buck Farm will have kombucha, sprouts, basil, arugula and other surprises. Josh and Sarah of Wine Creek Farm always brings us beautiful peppers. Visit their tent and see what other surprises they have for you today. James Miller will have a lot of heirloom and slicing tomatoes. And Josh of Crooked Tree Farm is back with his beautiful selection of tomatoes, peppers and MAYBE pears.

ALL of the farmers are in their gardens and fields this morning, so we just have to ALL wait and see what’s getting harvested! I don’t even have the complete list.

Serena of Stuart Farm will have heritage breed pork and chicken cuts and ground beef as well as pastured eggs. Jeff of Alpacas of Troy is bringing his specialty sausages, a variety of pork cuts, some goat and alpaca cuts. He also has alpaca fiber and fiber crafts including dryer balls. I think Colby of Farrar Out Farm is planning on attending as well. He will have a variety of pastured meat cuts including beef, lamb, chicken and pork as well as pastured eggs and some organically grown produce. He is also taking orders and deposits on holiday turkeys.

Cathy of Papillon Perennials will be bringing a variety of perennials, native plants, pollinators, succulents and herbs for your yard and garden. Ana Rivera of EL CHICO Bakery has a case of fruit filled empanadas, giant cookies and traditional Mexican pastries. The Tamale Man has fresh made and frozen tamales (pork, chicken and vegetarian) with a variety of sauces. Enjoy at the market and take a few home!

Live Music by Wayne Imboden (5:00pm-8:00pm)
Great Point Labaddie Brewery beers, Missouri wines, local soda.

An unbeatable setting, beautiful venue to shop, eat, drink and enjoy the market!
See you soon.

market manager